Miami Here I Come…….. Miami, Aqui Vengo!








What up fam! I have been chronicling my ups and downs this summer (still at 192) and I have come to one conclusion, it is time for a vacation. Yep, a vacation, I haven’t been on a vacation in over 3 years and I think it is time I get one. Now as far as my program goes I had a really good week last week. I added some yoga to my program and got in about three, 30 minute sessions in last week. I had two aerobic (bodies by Gilad) sessions this week in addition to the yoga. I normally do 15 minute session on the elliptical before I hit the free weights, I bumped that up to 25 minutes and I increased the level from 10 to 12 as well. I had a really good week eating wise too. I still had my peanut butter snack on Tuesday and Thursday but other than that I didn’t do to bad. Now what really concerns me is my trip to Miami (I love my moms cooking, the Cuban food, and the seafood there). I know that I am not going to be watching what I eat to closely so my plan is to make sure I at least workout everyday I’m there. I got a few family members who use to play professional football so I’m going to workout with them and hopefully I’ll learn some new stuff that can improve my routine. I have already found a few LA fitness gym near my moms house. I am also going to the Dolphin preseason game on Monday (go FINS!) so I plan on having an active great time. I will be blogging from Miami so I’ll keep ya’ll posted! Summer is almost over, I’ll be challenging my self to drop 20 pounds by Christmas when I get back, STAY TUNED THIS WILL GET EXCITING!!!!!




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  1. Hey Freddy,

    Go have a good time… it sounds like you’ll be “making up” for madre’s good food. Peanut butter always does me in because I just like it so much… I start out slow like I plan but after a week or so it becomes a regular late night snack.

    Looks like you are back in the groove!

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