The battle has offically begun! Maintaining weight-loss!

The battle has begun! I recently blogged about getting past my plateau and making it into the 180’s. Well I’m sadden to say that I am back to 192, well not really sad because I’ll stick to it and get where I need to be. The thing is I have been having sugar craving that are uncontrollable. I’m starting to fall into the late night trap of eating sugary snacks after hours. I’ll do great all day and when 1:00 am or 2:00 am rolls around there I am in the fridge looking for something to snack on. Last night it was raisin brand and peanut butter (yes together…I must be pregnant). I think I’m going to have to put healthy food choices in the house for snacking something really low cal. Well I don’t have much this week just trying to get it back in gear….wish me luck!



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  1. I hear the maintenence phase is the hardest part because you stop having an “end goal”. Myself, i am still on the beggining stages of my fat loss but maintenance is something i am already a bit warey about.

    BTW – Hilarious Pic!!

    • Yeah, I’m having a hard time but I keep a close eye on my weight at all times so if I do go up I can catch it before it gets to bad. It is easier to lose 5 or 10 pounds than 30 or 50.

  2. Hey Freddy,

    I’m hopefully headed to where you are now – so help me out. Are you doing the same things you were before but just adding more calories?

    I’m going to have to deal with this last hurdle soon enough and just want to see how you deal with it.

    In the 90’s when I had got down to my ideal weight – I was race walking and eating low fat… so long as I kept it up – I maintained my weight easily.

    My downfall back then was to go college (after a layoff). I was throwing newspapers in the early mornings – working a full time job and going to the community college full time – needless to say my diet and exercise program fell to last on my priorities (and I had the fast-growing gut to prove it).

    Let me know how you solve the dreaded snack attack!

  3. Hey Freddy, maybe not viewing it as a battle may help. I’m suggesting this because battles usually start and end. For me, this is a process I want to master. In doing so, there must be times that I take breaks from the fat loss component to practice the maintenance phase, since you can’t do both at the same time 😉

    Instead of trying to lose more fat right now, why don’t you give yourself three months to maintain your weight between 190-195 before pushing hard again? Just a thought …

    Keep up the great work bruh!

  4. No problem bruh; we’re all in the same fat loss boat … 😉

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