Keep Trying…… You Can Do It!


Here is a story from my childhood that I would like to share with everyone, in some ways this story shaped what I became. When I was about 9 or 10 years old I was already a overweight kid and as a result I couldn’t do things as easily as other normal size kids. Well we all had to participate in the Presidential fitness challenge that they gave at PE each year. I had never been to public school and this was my first time ever being involved in this test. Well we had to do the push-ups and the pull-ups and other physical test. I don’t remember how I did on the push-ups and pull-ups, but I do remember the run we had to complete. I can’t remember what time or how many laps we had to run but I do remember that I kept missing the required time by about 45 seconds the first time. Then I asked my PE teacher Mr. Resse (only teacher I can remember from this period) could I run it again. I must have run this thing about 5 or 6 times always getting closer to the required time but never making it. Finally one day Mr. Resse said to the whole class “you guys should be like Freddy, he and I both know he can’t complete the run but he keeps on trying.” The only problem with his statement was that I never knew I couldn’t do it until that moment! I was crushed I never knew that was how I was being viewed by someone I looked up to,  in fact I was never the same because I never had anybody to counter what he said. Over the years I just thought that even though I’ve always been an athletic fat boy (played all the sports) there were just some things I couldn’t do because of my size. I have since rediscovered that little kid who thought he could do anything, in fact I am sure based on where I at in my weight-loss that I can do anything. I prove it to myself everyday by challenging myself not just for weight-loss but also in my personal life. I believe that you can do it too just don’t let anybody discourage you no matter what your current size! Use the negativity as motivation and believe in yourself because I believe in you and that makes at least one person who is in your corner. I’ll holla


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  1. Good story Fred,

    Yes negative comments can be hurtful – I did something similar to my number 2 son… he was in little league and as a recently divorced dad – I did not feel like he wanted me around much – he was confused.

    Anyway after I tried to say something motivating to him after a strikeout – he said something like don’t worry about it… I snapped back that I expected him to strike out… uggg… I felt terrible and it seemed to be a self-filling prophecy to him… he struck out often.

    I felt awful and rightly so… Anyway he grew up and does not seem to hold any bitter feelings but I learned an important lesson.

    And yes what people say can really negatively affect us.

  2. Greatings, Thank you! I would now go on this blog every day!
    Thank you

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