Protein shake anyone?


Hey everybody out there in bloggerville, I have not posted in about 3 weeks. I’ve been really busy trying to get my workouts in and making sure I’m on top of my nutrition. My weight is currently 196 pounds. That’s right I have finally broke the 200 pound mark (hooray for me). I have really intensified my workouts as of late because I want to start to see the muscle gain. I have recently been debating on whether or not to take a protein shake and I must admit I am a bit confused. Some people swear by protein shakes and claim that their recovery is aided by the use of these products and that they receive the benefit of quickly absorbed protein to aid with the muscle rebuilding process post workout. Others claim that protein shake are not needed and may even have some additives in the product that are harmful, I personally am still on the fence. I  have decided to give protein shakes a try on a limited basis and I’m going to stay away from the shakes with lots of sugar, aspartame, or splenda. I’ll let you guy know how it goes I’m also posting a few links the give the pros and the cons of protein shakes. Good luck!!



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  2. Hey Fred,

    Contrats man! Wow… I hope I can do the same this year!

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