Documentation is paramount

diet journal

Documentation is paramount, my old boss use to say. I never understood why he cared so much about documentation, until now. I have to admit that if I didn’t keep a food journal when I first started I would not be able to understand what my portion size should be. Another of the benefits of documenting your weight loss journey is that you have the opportunity to go back and look at your good days and bad days and evaluate or make changes. And another of the benefits of documentation (* you should never start a sentence with And*) that has been my key is “accountability.” I think that the only reason that I have and will continue to be successful is because of this blog. Knowing that I’m going to write about my diet on at least a weekly basis makes me accountable. In fact I must admit that this blog and the people that read it have become my support system. So I encourage anybody out there to blog or write about the things that are important to you and you may find some success where you didn’t have any before.


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