Jack Lalanne – The effect of bad habits

Hey fam! I have not been as active as of late because I’ve been working, working, working. I am still going to the gym on a regular basis so that a good thing. I still can’t seem to break 200 pounds. I been at 202 for a few weeks now and I’m a little frustrated because my goal is to get under 200 pounds (I have never been that lite in my adult life). I found a few Jack Lalanne links that show the old man knew his stuff, hell just look at him!! I be posting a few more in the coming days. On that note I’m out………

I’ll Holla…


Gym Rat…


have finally decided to sign up for the gym and believe me I thought long and hard about the decision. With today’s current economy I had to think about taking on any additional bills. That being said after reviewing Gold’s, LA Fitness, and 24 hour fitness, I decided to go with LA fitness. LA fitness provided flexibility no contract and it was the cheapest at 35.00 a month. So that was appealing, now the reason I decided to join a gym is because my buddies have all joined and there is something about having a good support group. So even though I have weights and equipment at home I decided that I could get more out of working out with the fellas. So I’m back motivated and back to working toward my goal of getting physically fit. (Current weight is 205….. still trying to get under 200)

Documentation is paramount

diet journal

Documentation is paramount, my old boss use to say. I never understood why he cared so much about documentation, until now. I have to admit that if I didn’t keep a food journal when I first started I would not be able to understand what my portion size should be. Another of the benefits of documenting your weight loss journey is that you have the opportunity to go back and look at your good days and bad days and evaluate or make changes. And another of the benefits of documentation (* you should never start a sentence with And*) that has been my key is “accountability.” I think that the only reason that I have and will continue to be successful is because of this blog. Knowing that I’m going to write about my diet on at least a weekly basis makes me accountable. In fact I must admit that this blog and the people that read it have become my support system. So I encourage anybody out there to blog or write about the things that are important to you and you may find some success where you didn’t have any before.

Friend or Foe


Every year there comes a villain that derails the fat mans attempt at weight-loss. I have given in to this evil villain disguised in pony tails and bright smiles. That’s right the dreaded villain I am speaking of are the girl scouts. This year my wife came home with 5 boxes of cookies the first few days I resisted the temptation to devour every box in the cabinet. Today was the day that I could no longer resist. I haven’t been exercising much still kind of recouping from my trip to Miami. So as I was lounging around the house I noticed a half open box of smores. Now smores are my absolute favorite Girl Scout cookie. They are soft and deciduous, kind of chocolaty too. So I gave in and ate 6 smores cookies but then after that I didn’t follow my own advice of a cheat meal or snack and I went back and ate 5 more. Needless to say I feel horrible but I’m not going to beat myself up hell I’m 210 down from 290 I can afford at set back or 2. I will stay committed to have a better day tomorrow and the day after. I should be O.K. as there are no more girly scout cookies in the house (vile girl scouts).  I’ll holla fam….