“Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better” -Pat Riley

I have been really steady this past week (so far at least), I have already exercised Sat, Sun, and today (Mon). I even incorporated some of the body weight exercises that Jillian recommends in her book. I have always liked the quote by Pat Riley that “Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better” but now I feel like I’m living it. I strive to do a little better each day and I’m seeing the results (so is my wife). The things I am focusing on now is exercise (I still don’t like it, but I feel great after doing it…. weird) and making sure I get the right vitamins and nutrients. Also started rubbing my body down with vitamin E (I’m to sexy for my shirt… lol). The reason I’m doing this is to ensure that my skin is moisturized and healthy, I’m afraid I’m going to have the dreaded loose skin and I’m try to beat it at the pass.


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  1. Hey Fred, good for you and they way you’re approaching this. I checked out your workout routine and if you’re up to sticking to that, you shouldn’t have any loose skin as you’ll be toning all over.

    • Yeah, I hope so because I’m afraid of the loose skin thing. I saw lots of pictures of people with loose skin and I don’t want to have it. That is pretty much one of my routines but I don’t do 50 reps every time, sometime 25 0r 30 reps.

  2. Wow your wife noticed the results! That’s great!

  3. Hey Fred,

    Sounds like you are doing fine. I think losing slowly will help the skin “keep up” with your body changes. The exercises are good to tone the mucscle too. I have a hard time being consistant with the exercises but it is easier to do the hiking/biking.

    How is the weight/fat loss going for you?

    • I’m down to 215, which is 15 pounds from my first goal of getting to 200 pounds. So I’m doing good and like you I don’t like exercising but I don’t want the loose skin. I’m thinking about biking, how do you like it John?

  4. I really like biking because it doesn’t feel like exercise. I plan on doing it more after daylight savings time because I’ll be able to head off after work.

    This past year I’ve made the most progress in exercise. I can now walk, bike, hike, hit the heavy bag and even jog longer. I still cannot jog to many days in a row but on balance I’ve increased my stamina.

    I have to go back to basics though as I’ve gained most of my weight back because I’ve not been watching the diet. I’m coming to realize no matter how strong I feel – my metabolism is still not like it was when I was a kid – calories really count!

    Hang in there Fred – you are doing great!

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