Today was a Good Day…….

What up fam!!!! I hope everything is going great for everybody out there with there weight loss. I had a really good workout today I did a cycle of squats (30 reps, 5 sets) and push ups (30 reps, 5 sets). The later in the gym I did the incline press (12 reps, 4 sets), vertical chest press (10 reps, 4 sets), hi lat pull (12 reps, 4 sets). My arms quit on me a few times but I pushed through. I think this was one of my most grueling work outs because of the focus on the chest and arms. I don’t think I be doing 150 push ups before lifting weights again. It funny a few months ago I couldn’t do one push up now I do 150 then go to the gym…. I love evolution!!!!

I’ll Holla… 


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