This Blog……………… Thank You!!!

I have really been slacking the last week or so, I have not wanted to work out (I only worked out once this week) I have not been monitoring everything that I eat. I have really been at a point where I just want to pick up a slice of pizza and pig out, but 2 things are helping me get it together. The first are these man boobs that I got to look at everyday the second is this blog. The funny thing about life is that it always throw you a bone when you need one. I had not had much traffic on this blog (still don’t but its improving) but when I logged in today the first thing I see is an entry from a reader telling me to keep it up and keep my head in the game. I feel better and I have already gotten back on track (never really went off my eating plan just wasn’t exercising) and I plan on having a positive report next week and my current weight is still hovering between 229 and 232 pounds (ddigital scale). O.K. Fam I’ll holla………


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