Book Review: Jillian Michaels “Winning by Losing”

w2w2w2w2w     What up! I just finished reading Jillian Michael’s book “Winning by Losing,” and I must say it was a pretty good read. A few of the things that I liked about the book were that it was straight forward and very easy to read (I read the book in 2 days). I like that Jillian breaks down weight loss in 3 keyareas, which are the mind, the nutrition (Science), and the workout (sweat) aspects of fitness. She tackles some weight loss myths and sheds light on Metabolic Typing (I found out I’m a balanced oxidizer). I also noticed that many of the exercises she recommended were body weight exercises (yahoo!!!), which as anyone who has been following blog knows is primarily what I have been doing. Most of the information in the book I already knew from research on the web, and from the info Mr. Low Body Fat (Muta) puts out there. But I did learn more about the Glycemic Load Index, and got a better understanding of reading foot labels. Not to mention all of the recipes and work-out routines provided in her book. I would definitely recommend that anyone starting a weight loss program read this book she gives a lot of information in this book and I wish I would have read it years ago.

Well I holla!!!!!!!


Here is a body weight work out routine

Here is a body weight work out routine that I found pretty challenging. It consisted of only 5 exercises with only three sets. Now the hard part comes through the number of repetitions, I’m doing 3 sets of 50 reps with a 90 second rest between each exercise. The cycle went as follows:


50 squats

90 sec rest

50 jumping jacks

90 sec rest

50 push-ups

90 sec rest

50 leg extensions

90 sec rest

50 crunches

90 sec rest

Repeat 2 times


This routine beat me up pretty good and it didn’t take over 45 mins. I did allow myself the opportunity to rest when I needed to but I tried to push through.  Next time I do this routine I’m going to try to pump it up. If anybody tries this routine tell me how it went.

Obesity ‘Virus’……… Is this real!!

gross-sneeze-400x232    I saw on FOX news that scientist that there is an obesity virus. Can you believe it an obesity virus and according to the scientists it can be pass as easy as the common cold. According to the report the virus is passed through coughs, sneezes, and dirty hands. In addition to causing weight gain the virus causes runny noses and sore throats. The report state that once you are infected the virus seeks out fat tissue, then makes copies of itself and in the process increases the fat cells.  They go on to say that in clinical studies a third of obese people had the virus while only 11 percent of thinner prople had the virus.

Here are a  few links:,2933,482788,00.html

More Pics to Come

Hey folks! Hows everyone? good I hope I decided to put a few pics on here. These are very bad pictures (camera phone) but until I scan some of my older picture these will have to do. The first picture which is of my face, is my job ID and shows just how fat my face was at 290 (better pics to come I promise… full body baby!!!). The second pit-cure is current I currently weight 225 and I stand about 5 ‘9.   I still have a long way to go, my first goal was to get under 230 and now that I have done that my new goal is to get under 200 pounds. That would be huge for me because the last time I was under 200 pounds was when I was 12 or 13. So wish me luck and thank you for checking out my blog.

I’ll Holla……….

Learning about Metabolic typing

metabolic_typing_dietWhat up !! I been doing a whole lot of research this week and while do that research I ran across a article on Metabolic Typing. I found that metabolic typing is a form of customizing a diet to the specific needs of a person body. Basically the supporters of metabolic typing feel that each person has unique nutritional needs and that once you identify these needs then it is easier to determine what type of diet that the person should be on. It is a very interesting subject and I plan on buying a book on the subject this week. I do know that Jillian Michaels has devoted an entire chapter to the subject in her book “Winning by Losing,” I just ordered her book from Amazon and can’t wait for it to arrive. The basics of metabolic typing as I understand it, is through answering a series of questions that a persons type is determined. It is then determined if your diet may be more effective with more complex carbs, or protein, or a mixture of both. I’m not yet sure if this eating plan works as advertised but here is what I can tell you. I tried the Atkins diet twice and loss a good amount of weight both times (roughly 30 pounds) but I would always stall out or have cravings for sweets and that would rail road my diet. This time when I decided to change my eating habits I did some research and while I don’t eat many simple carbs I do eat a ton of fruit which is full of complex carbs. I have not had a sweet craving in months and I have loss more weight than I ever have in my life. I think that there may be something to this metabolic typing thing, I will get more information and pass it along. Alright I can’t type anymore I’ll holla…..

Today was a Good Day…….

What up fam!!!! I hope everything is going great for everybody out there with there weight loss. I had a really good workout today I did a cycle of squats (30 reps, 5 sets) and push ups (30 reps, 5 sets). The later in the gym I did the incline press (12 reps, 4 sets), vertical chest press (10 reps, 4 sets), hi lat pull (12 reps, 4 sets). My arms quit on me a few times but I pushed through. I think this was one of my most grueling work outs because of the focus on the chest and arms. I don’t think I be doing 150 push ups before lifting weights again. It funny a few months ago I couldn’t do one push up now I do 150 then go to the gym…. I love evolution!!!!

I’ll Holla… 

Stall….. I laugh at You!!

I recently bloged about the stall I had been going through and how it had me a little discouraged. Well I pushed through and after staying steady and no jumping ship I am proud to announce that the stall is over. That’s right I dropped 4 pounds this week and I am now at 225. I have never been under 200 pounds my whole adult life so I have made my next goal getting under 200 (wish me luck!). I have also been getting my exercise in everyday (maybe that why the stall is over?) everyday and I plan on adding more weight training in addition to the body weight exercises I have been doing. Well I’ll Holla…..