Happy Holidays

Eats Hello fam! I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday and were able to not go to overboard on the food. I personally decided about 6 weeks ago that rather put my self in a position that I would feel horrible about eating something that I shouldn’t, I just made Christmas my cheat day. Now I don’t really subscribe to the whole cheat day thing because I believe that in order to make an life change you must do just that CHANGE. A cheat day only perpetuates the bad habits that you may have developed in my opinion, but I also feel that if your diet and work-out regimen are on point they why can a person have a slice of cake if they want it. I think you should be able to treat yourself from time to time. I personally even though I said this would be the day that I cheated could only do so much. I still drank water yesterday (I hadn’t drank anything other than water or green tea in months) and eat good portions. I did allow myself 2 pieces of blueberry, pineapple cream pie, two scoops of macaroniand cheese, and I put some bar-b-que sauce on my grilled chicken breast (we bar-b-queued for Christmas). That was basically all the cheating that I did. The funny thing is that once you really commit to your diet (life style change) and you know what is going in your body you wont want to eat like you use to trust me. Keep it going….. I holla


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