Computer vs. Pen & Paper

As I have mention previously I have been keeping track of the food I ingest using an electronic food diary( At first I like this because it calculated my calories for me and was really fun and easy to use.  I don’t always want to go to the computer every time I put something in my mouth and I don’t want to get out of the habit of tracking my food. I have decided to go back to the old paper and pen (sorry trees!). I noticed that when I keep a small notebook in my pocket I more readily write my foods down and don’t forget later on. I am also using the little book for other thing like jotting down ideas, notes, grocery list, etc.. If you haven’t already begun to monitor your calorie intake you should and you should start today. I have already begun to notice that I am naturally putting less food on my plate now that I know each thing will do in my body.


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