It has been a LOOOONG time since I last blogged! Why you ask, because I was trying to put together a new site…… Which is ALMOST complete! Right now I’m about 80 percent done but I want you guys to start hitting the new site which will be compltly done by the end of the week! is the new site. Book mark it, tell a frien to tell a friend! One more time goto Thanks for all the support, I got some great things comming!!!!!!!


One Good Week in…

I had a really good week this week didn’t cheat and I’m starting to feel so much lighter. When I started the blog I was already down to 253 (I started at 286) this week along I dropped to 244 today. Thats 9 pounds in a week (WOW). I think this new nutrtion plan that I am following is really showing the results on the scale.

Hello world! THE NEW SITE IS UP!!!!! THE NEW SITE IS UP!!!!!

Hello World My name is Fred AKA Byebyebigguy. I will be using this blog to track my weight loss journey. As of today I am 286 pounds and only 5’9′ (Pretty stout to say the least!). I will blogging weekly about any gains and setback that I may experience. Well today I am on a quest to take control of my… wish me luck!